Friday, June 09, 2006

Finished griging # 220

Let's c....
In these recent days,i have been finish the #220 griding

here is two picture
this one is after griding with #80

And this one is finished with #220

Not having a great different but it is actually a little bit more clear.
Still a lot of works to do...
I still belive I can make a wonderful and perfect telecsope :)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Oh~! A new discovery

Oh~! A new discovery

Yes, there is a discovery~! I find that my blog is working AGAIN~!~!
I am so happy. As for a long time, about a month or so, i can't see my own blog in my PC.
I don't know y, but it is. I ignored it and it suddenly work again today. So here my blog will start again~!

Ok all right. The blog working is one discovery
and the second one is the telescope mirror. I think i have make it into a sphere phase~!
But i still need to check it to make sure .

Yes~! My Telescope Making teacher have checked my mirror and he said it is a spherical surface already.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The End and The Start

The end and the start
You may see this title seems confusing but it is really what I mean.

The HKALE is almost the end ;)
The weary revision process can be stopped ^0^
No more past paper
No more Economics ( The best to be)
No more pressures .........
No more sleepness and headache many .........

Oh let's just forget about those horrible things and get something new and intresting to do and these are my great starts>
Start to look after this dusted blog.........( Feel sorry to laid this place quite for so long..........)
Start to take photos but in film form and especiall Black and White XDXD
Start to learn astronomy
Start to make my own astronomical telescope
Let me say some more about it
It's actually a course going to be held in the Hong Kong Space Museum.
I waited for it for almost 3 years and i got it now ~!~!~!
I couldn't say how happy i am
So i hope i can make the best telescope from it XDXD

So that's it for here and i am looking forward to have a very contributive holiday this time ;)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

beautiful bottles

Friday, September 02, 2005

My pin-hole cam~!

One more pin-hole

One of my most successful pin-hole masterpices~!

ha ~! ha~! My cam ^0^

the sea

The flag

the little cuite hospital~!



As a Blogger beginner

As online daily had became a trend for nearly all of the teens, I can't wait to set up my Blogger site now~!~!
Ng.... Try Try sin